Let me tell you a story....

Drawing has been a hobby for as long as I can remember. As a child using pencils, rulers, protractors and scrappy bits of paper, I was fascinated by the developing shapes and designs, especially as I never really knew what the end result would be.

My brother gave me a set of Rotring Technical Pens at the age of 14 as he felt I had ‘artistic talent'! I wasn’t too sure what to do with the pens at the time, but they proved to be one of the best birthday presents I ever received!

I rarely plan my drawings, starting in the middle of the piece of paper and constructing my work outwards. My inspiration is the blank sheet of paper and the first line and/or shape I draw, which will dictate how the work continues. I sometimes add colour (gold, silver, red, blue) but don’t necessarily plan to do so.

Influenced by Japanese Art, I aspire to achieve designs which are sometimes delicate, intricate and precise; at other times, bolder and stronger in their impact. I have been told that my pictures ‘grow on you’ in that each time you look at them you see something else: a different angle, an extra square coloured in randomly or purposely, an unusual shape or definition, which encourages you to look again and again.

Not only does this make hanging them interesting (which way is up!) but, as people interprete them in different ways, the task of giving them Titles can be quite challenging!

I hope you enjoy looking around my gallery.

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