Martha's Vineyard, Banstead, Surrey 2006 - 2010

Martha's Vineyard is an independent retailer selling beautiful and unique pieces of furniture made from wood. In addition, it offers a selection of art work, unusual and quirky gifts and items of the home that you just can't do without!

The Red Biddy Gallery, Shalford, Guildford 2006 - 2010

Unfortunately, the wonderful Gallery owners, Claire and David Longstaff, are closing the gallery at the end of 2010 and moving on to pastures new.

Hennessy's Deli, Bexhill, Surrey 2007 - 2008

This innovative and popular delicatessen in Bexhill provided an unusual opportunity to exhibit a range of art work.

Gallery 238, Dorking, Surrey 2006 - 2007

A contemporary gallery in Dorking, Surrey, the owner gave me my first 'break', selling two original pen and ink drawings.

Trueloves Funeral Home, Banstead, Surrey 2006

Open Day held to commemorate the anniversary of the opening of the Banstead branch.

Trueloves wanted to offer local residents the opportunity to visit and help dispel some of the myths and fears associated with Funeral Homes, but which are only confronted when a beareavement occurs.

I took the opportunity to exhibit two pieces of artwork, Shattered 9/11 and 7/7/05, both of which were inspired by the unforgettable and devastating events which occured on those respective dates.

Previous High Street Galleries and Exhibitions

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